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As time passes, people become more conscious about the sourcing of their jewelry, and Fersera as a jewelry brand is the first to assure the quality and the ethic behind every piece produced, that’s why we always pay attention when selecting the labs and factories we partner with when studying new designs and collections. Not only do these labs offer stunningly beautiful pieces crafted with skill, but they are also committed to sustainability and offering ethically sourced, responsible jewelry options for consumers. At Fersera, we ensure that all of the jewelry we craft meets the highest standards of sustainability. We carefully select only the most responsible labs and artisanal goldsmiths who employ fair labor practices and only use ethically sourced materials. This means that our customers can be rest assured that when they purchase jewelry from us, they are buying pieces that meet their standards of sustainability.


Our Criteria for Goldsmith Laboratories

To guarantee that the artisanal goldsmiths we work with adhere to sustainability, we have a set of strict criteria which our goldsmith laboratories must meet. We only select labs that use recycled and reclaimed gold, certified-sourced metals, and conflict-free gems. All of our craftspeople use only metals and stones which adhere to the ethical standards set out by the Kimberly process.

The Kimberly Process 

Is a certification system that helps to prevent the trade of conflict diamonds, or diamonds that have been used to finance wars and conflict in countries such as Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Sierra Leone. The process was created in 2003 by the United Nations General Assembly in response to public concerns about the unethical trade of diamonds and its impact on conflict and human rights abuses.

The process sets out strict guidelines for the trade of rough diamonds and requires participating countries to implement measures to ensure that their diamond exports are conflict-free. To be certified under the Kimberly Process, diamonds must be accompanied by a certificate of origin that verifies that they have been extracted and traded in accordance with the process' requirements. The Kimberly Process also has a system of monitoring and verification to ensure that member countries are complying with its standards.

Environmental Responsibility

Not only do our goldsmiths comply with ethical sourcing standards, but we also ensure that our labs embrace a greater commitment to sustainability to reduce their environmental impact.

The laboratories we select must agree to use a range of environmentally friendly practices, from reducing manufactured waste and plastic pollution to ensuring that all of their production processes are energy efficient.

Not only does this help us to reduce any potential environmental impact from our production processes, but it also allows us to ensure that the work of our artisanal goldsmiths is just as responsible.

Ultimately, by carefully selecting our partner goldsmith laboratories and artisans, we are able to guarantee that our jewelry is made using only the highest standards of sustainability.

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